Insurance Summary

NAMED INSURED:  Grand Slam America

COVERAGE PERIOD: Team Season Insurance becomes effective January 1, 2017 or the day after the premium is paid (if after January 1, 2017) until expiration December 31, 2017.

INSURED: Teams (including participants and Coaching Staff who have submitted an application and premium to purchase GSA Team Insurance are covered for any and all amateur baseball participation within the United States. This includes indoor and outdoor practice, leagues, and tournaments in and outside of GSA's organization.


  • $100,000.00  Maximum Medical Benefit per Claim
  • $250.00 Deductible per Claim
  • Carrier:  A+ Superior VII A.M. Best


  1. Injury Claim must be filed within thirty (30) days of injury occurring
  2. Participant/Coaches primary Health Insurance is considered primary coverage. Claim form should still be filled out immediately at time of injury and submitted to show compliance with thirty day requirement.
  3. Once primary health insurance coverage is exhausted, Team Insurance coverage would be available. $250 deductible required.
  4. Policy will not cover primary insurance deductibles, co pays, program limits, or out of network care. 
  5. If injured party does not have primary coverage, then this coverage will be considered primary. 


  • $2,000,000.00 General Aggregate
  • $2,000,000.00 Products/Completed Operations Aggregate
  • $1,000,000.00 Personal & Advertising Injury
  • $1,000,000.00 Each Occurrence
  • $300,000.00 Fire Damage (any one fire)
  • $1,000,000.00     Abuse and Molestation
  • $0.00 Deductible per Property Damage Claim
  • $0.00 Deductible per Bodily Injury Claim
  • Carrier:  A+ Superior XV A.M. Best

REQUIREMENTS FOR FILING A LIABILITY CLAIM: Claim must be filed/submitted within 30 days from the date of the occurrence.

POLICY ISSUED: A certificate of insurance for your team will be issued within 48 - 72 business hours from the time the initial purchase is made. Certificates (along with any Additional Insured certificates) will be emailed to the Coach/Contact listed for the team as an attachment. GSA will also keep a copy of the teams insurance coverage on file in the GSA office. 


10u = $120/team
12u = $140/team
16u = $160/team
18u = $200/team
21u = $250/team

ADDITIONAL INSURED REQUESTS: A Team that has paid the Team Season Insurance premium can request as many Additional Insured certificates / addendums as needed. Additional Insured's must list a complete name and full address to be covered. Additional Insured's would be any indoor or outdoor facility that you would be using for your teams baseball related activities and / or any organization that requires to be listed as an Additional Insured to your policy to allow your team to participate. Additional Insured's requested at time of initial purchase are included at no additional cost.  All Certificate request are made directly to Fairway Underwriters Inc (certificate request are on GSA website).

LATE REQUESTS: (requests for Additional Insured's received more then seven days of the initial purchase) there is a $25.00 Late Request fee each time a separate request (1 request is as many Additional insured's as you need at one time) is made.

ADDITIONAL ENDORSEMENTS: When an additional insured REQUIRES you to list your insurance as primary and/or non-contributory (required by contract), they are basically asking you to state up front that if something were to happen and a lawsuit were to arise out of it, your insurance would have to kick in first to pay regardless of who's at fault. So if they were found negligent, your insurance would still have to pay out prior to theirs ever kicking in. This is an endorsement that carries a $500.00 additional charge if your team should need this, as required by the carriers for the extra risk.

*Please be advised any language requirements requesting our company to be Primary and/or Non-Contributory (required by contract) is an additional insured endorsement that can only be added for an additional fee of $500.00.

*Please be advised a Waiver of Subrogation (required by contract) can only be created for an additional fee of $500.00 per request/endorsement.

NAME CHANGE: Teams can NOT change their team name during the time of the policy or the policy becomes null/void (premium paid non-refundable) for that team and a new policy and new premium must be paid. There is no refund of any premium once a policy has been purchased (within 24 hours of purchase).

CANCELLATION / PREMIUM REFUND: There is no refund of any portion of a premium paid once a policy has been purchased.  A team is added to the master policy within twenty-four (24) hours of initial purchase.

ACCIDENTAL EXCLUSIONS: Sickness or disease in any form (including day or overnight), except pyogenic infections due to an accidental wound or cut, the use of drugs or narcotics, unless administered under the advice of a physician , war or any acts of war, whether or not declared, participation in any riot or civil commotion, air travel or the use of any device or equipment for aerial navigation, except as a fare-paying passenger on a regularly scheduled commercial airline, suicide or any attempt to thereat or any self inflicted injury. Medical service provided by any person or facility employed or retained by the policyholder or member organization. Medical service provided by any member of the insured persons family or household. Dental treatment, except as the result of a covered injury. The repair or replacement of any artificial dental restoration. Expenses payable under any Workers Compensation Law or similar legislation. Injury sustained while riding in or on any two or three wheeled engine driven vehicle. Claimant is responsible for their primary care deductibles, co pays and program limits.

GENERAL LIABILITY EXCLUSIONS: war, terrorism, corporal punishment, assault and battery, expected or intended injury, asbestos, nuclear energy, total pollution, fungi or bacteria, aircraft or watercraft, total fireworks/pyrotechnics, employment related practices, communicable disease (Hepatitis, TSE, HIV, HTLV, AIDS), collapse of temporary structure, lead liability, professional liability, and other nonrelated activities that could cause bodily injury or negligence. Please request a copy of the additional General Liability Exclusions if needed.

Teams purchasing GSA Team Season Insurance coverage is valid for participation within the United States, excluding Puerto Rico. Teams from Canada, PR or any other countries outside of the US should obtain insurance from their local area.

Questions concerning Team Season Insurance not answered above, please contact GSA here .

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